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Monday, April 11, 2011

My last April 10th in Canada:)

Well another weekend come and gone. It was a productive one though. Windows washed/screens in and gardens cleaned out from the harsh winter we had.
Today it is very mild but rainging hard. It's acutally humid!

Today we start packing. Well I should say Don is starting to pack. He is the packer. I just stand by and if it's not too early have a glass of wine to help, lol
We are still undecided what to do. We left most of the furniture with the house with the exception of our bed and some personal items, but it will cost about 6K to ship these things and we don't know if it's worth it as we can probably buy everything for the price of shipping but we then think about some things that we would really like to take and we get confused again, lol (not hard for the pair of us)
Last night we were taking nothing and this morning we are taking it all. Seeing as I don't pack I think it's best we take stuff, lol

Time is ticking away and it's weird how feelings come and go with each passing day. Some days it's wonderful and others we become overwhelmed with the things we have to do in order to make this move.
For instance:
We have to drive almost 5 hours to Ottawa to get papers stamped to take our dog with us. This all has to be done 10 days before flying out.
We have to get numerous papers signed by lawyers etc. for her as well. It's very strange why we need all of this. I understand the Vet giving her a physical so that they know she is in good health, but that should be all we have to do.
In Panama you see so many dogs just roaming the streets starving. I am going to try and bring one home once we get settled in.
Sadie would love someone to keep her company.

Well off to do something constructive!
I will keep you posted as to how things are going.
I am attaching a picture that the builder just sent us this morning of our house in progress!!

Go builders Go!!     

See you tomorrow:)

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