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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My toes are becoming webbed!

Don and Sadie draining water from the pool!

Well another day of doom and gloom. I have decided though, much to my shagrin, that I will now embrace the rain. As the old saying goes "if you can't beat them, join them", so I must succomb to the elements and at least pretend that all is well.
It looks like rain, and more rain until Saturday and then it's going to be nice and sunny.
Above is what my poor hubby had to do today even in the rain.  He's a trooper for sure:)
Better him than me though lol. Found a huge frog as well, but fortunately that is all that we found. Usually there are all kinds of critters in the water that didn't make it through the winter's harsh grip.
We did manage to get the main coat closet cleaned and things thrown away. It's amazing how many boots/shoes that one collects. I had two pairs of high heels that were at least 4 inches high. What was I thinking?
They were from my 'Victoria Secret' days....those and the sexy back baring dresses are all long gone ...Sigh!!!!!!!!
I will pass them on to my daughter but she is kind of a 'klutz' so worried that she may break a leg. (sorry Beej)
One day she and her dad were in a store returning a 6 X 8 foot carpet. They were at the check-out and Bobbi had the carpet on her shoulder. Her dad asked her something and she turned to answer him and knocked a few articles  off of the counter with one fell swoop, and when she turned around to see what all of the commotion was about she knocked the remaining items off of the counter.
That is just one...there are many, so you may understand why I am reluctant about giving her the VS high heels.
Maybe I will give her my flip flops instead, lol.

Well we booked our flights today to Panama City from Miami.
It brings our flight time that would have been 5 1/2 hours from Toronto  to just a little under 3 hours so it will be easier for Sadie.
We are having this huge problem with Sadie though. She has never been cage trained, so we have been getting her used to being in it for the past couple of months and she is actually liking it UNTIL we close the gate and leave her in it while we go out for an hour or so.
She barks the whole time we are away. We left today for an hour, snuck home, and she was still barking.
I'm not sure what to do so any help on this matter would be appreciated. We can't have her barking the whole time in the belly of the plane, even though we will have her sedated slightly.

We have the appraiser coming through the house tomorrow so poor Don will have to get up extra early to get the house spic and span:)
No, I will NOT clone him but have had many requests to do so from my friends. He's too good and precious to share. You will have to find your own! lol

Well better go and get my chicken cooked. The menu tonight is Ceasar Salad with Chicken and home made bread.
There may be a glass of wine thrown in there too. I just might!!
It is raining sooo hard right now and so dark that I need lights to type this.
I would take a pic to show you but it's even too dark to do that.
But hey....I'm embracing it..right?
This is harder than I thought:)

Have a great night and let's hope that tomorrow the weather man will get it wrong and the sun will shine.

My beach in 7 weeks!


Anonymous said...

How many expats are in Pedasi? I am looking to visit this November to check it out..



Connie said...

Hi Eric,

Most of the people living here are either Canadian or American. My husband sells the homes/lots here...would you like him to contact you to discuss this further? We have incentive packages available for people coming to visit our development.

Connie said...

Hi Eric,
Are you still coming to Panama?

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