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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Long Weekend and Stuff

Well the long weekend is over and it was a great one! The weather was almost perfect. We did have a bit of rain, but overall it was sunny and very warm.
We did get a lot accomplished as well. My brother made another trip here and took back a truckload and trailer load of furniture and boxes. Our home is really getting cleared out.
The garages are almost cleaned out and will be soon when our friend and neighbour Ron comes with his truck and takes our final load to the dump.
Speaking of garages why is it that things always break when you are just about to pack up and move out of your home?
We were about to open our garage door last Friday and the Spring above had split in two, so $250 later we got it fixed. At least the new owner won't have to worry about that again for another 20 years.

We got our pool open as well yesterday. That is a chore in itself especially taking that gross tarp off and cleaning it..There is no nicer smell!! lol
Don kindly gave me that chore to do, as he said it was important that he deal with the 'workings' of the pool to make sure he got it opened properly.
Uh huh!! :)
Anyway it's open and it's a brilliant, sparkling blue now. No more gross and smelly cover to look at.
Opened May 23rd, 2011

Did any of you happen to see the beautiful double rainbow last night? 
I had not seen one quite so beautiful before and can't remember ever seening a double one.
It stayed around for a good 20 minutes or so as well. Something spectacular for sure.

Well we have 22 days left and we will be driving out of this driveway away from the home that I love so much.
We have only been here not quite six years but we have almost gutted this house and put a lot of energy in it making it the home that it is today.
We will miss the times that we have had sitting on one of our decks overlooking the pool, laughing and having a drink or two.
I will surely miss it but I need to keep in mind what our future holds for us.
On June 16th, we will go to my Brother's and in the early morning will begin our trek to Fort Lauderdale to visit with relatives for 3 days and then aboard the plane that will take us to our own piece of Paradise and the beginning of the rest of our lives.
You can't even begin to imagine how exciting this is for me. Don and I have always been adventurous!
We have friends and acquaintances who think we are nuts for just picking up and moving to a strange country but we also have just as many wishing they could do the same thing.
I know it's an old cliche, but our life is short and we need to do the things that we want to do before it's too late.
We dead for a long time and I will NOT be on my deathbead saying " I wish I had of..".
What I am looking forward to the most is the warmth of course, but also the fact that 24/7 there will be flowers blooming! I will not have to take in my patio furniture in the fall and there will be fresh fish/veggies available at all times and who can forget the BEER for $.35?
That is the one and only reason Don is moving, lol
Does it get any better than this? I think not!
They now have a street vendor in our beautiful town of Pedasi and a newly opened burger place as well.
It's all good friends!! :)

Well I have to now go and cut the grass. It's not really a chore as all I do is ride around on the John Deere.
It's only 11:25 so I must refrain from the beer while cutting, so perhaps I should hold off for a bit, I mean cutting the grass in the sun without a liquid refreshment? It should be against the law!!! :)

Have a wonderful day my friends an remember to always "Stay in the Light".


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