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Monday, September 26, 2011

Friends, whales, locals

"Incredible" is what I have to say about our walk on the beach this morning.
We got there and noticed a lot of locals pointing to the beach. We looked and saw these two whales which were no more than 100 yard offshore jumping right out of the water. We could see the colors of their underbelly, tails and all.
The put on this show for us for about 15 minutes. Wow!! I honestly can put into words how beautiful it is to see this.
A local fisherman took off in his boat out to where these whales were, and it went right underneath his boat. Unfortunately like us, he did not have a camera.
We almost always carry our camera with us, but not today. We could have gotten the most amazing pictures and probably won't ever get a chance to get this close to the whales again.
At least we have this picture etched in our memory forever.

It's incredible what strength the water really has to bring such huge things onland

I love finding these Sand Dollars

We got our table and chairs from our local builder yesterday. He did such a great job, and he even made Don's chair bigger, lol.
One of my friends said of course he did because he is taller. LOL.
 I am not quite sure if it will fit anywhere in our new house, but I love it and it will go somewhere. We wanted rustic, and we got rustic.
Me and my table and chair!
 Don took this picture of me walking ahead of him on the beach the other day and I just love it.
Footprints in the Sand
He is not close to being a photographer by any means, but I think he did a great job of this one.

Our beautiful little town of Pedasi is slowly becoming Americanized. We now have a 'wing and burger' joint, a couple of really good 'pubs' that play music at nights, and even our own bakery.
The bakery is also combined with a restaurant and they serve fresh sandwiches, soups, etc. 
The breads are great but it's funny as they sell them all by weight. They take a bun and put it on the scales in a paper bag. One day the same roll will be $.90 and the next day $1.10.
You have to love it.
There is a great pizza place as well that serves amazing pie's. 
I just hope the locals are ok with all of these changes that we 'Gringos' are bringing to their once quiet little town.

They are totally amazing people who would do anything for you and would give you their last piece of bread if you needed it.
I am trying as hard as I can to learn the language enough to communicate somewhat with them.
I am told over and over again that Spanish is an easy language to learn!
Hmmmm. I sure don't think so, but I'm trying and hopefully the Panamanian's know that I am at least doing the best I can.

Our home is coming along great. They are still saying the end of October for possession.
I sure hope so as even though our rental place is 'ok', we just look forward so much to being in our own place working on the tremendous amount of landscaping that awaits us.

Don is at the site making sure everything is going as planned. We are not sure what to do with the edging on the steps of the pool.  
You can see by the picture that they put the edging right across the first step and we wonder if that will be ok getting in and out.
All is well though.

Beautiful day here today with really nice breeze. No sunshine yet, but nice and cool.
Going now to hang clothes on the line and then maybe watch a movie.
Our good friends lent us their VCR and a whole slew of movies that they brought with them, so we are set for movies every night for a month or so.

Have a wonderful day friends. Thank you for reading my blog, and if you could, please clink on the following link and read more on Panama and what it has to offer.
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Have a wonderful safe day and remember to 'Stay in the Light' 

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