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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cowboys with Blackberry's and Celebrations

Our Anniversary and Connie's Birthday!

Well today is our anniversary. 28 years ago today I said 'I do' to my friend and my soul mate.
We started our day with a long walk on the beach as we almost always do. 
Never in my wildest dreams at this date and time 28 years ago, did I think that we would be living in a Country that is beautiful beyond belief and a country that we can now call 'Home'.
We have had our struggles over the past years as all people do, and although we are not 'rich' in the monetary sense we are rich in so many other ways. The ways that count.
We have our health and friends, and that is the greatest wealth there is.
I find myself so lucky to have found someone who I trust completely, whom I enjoy spending every minute of the day with, and who makes my life complete.
We are still renting here, so unfortunately we won't be in our house for this special day, but Don and I have a date on Friday October 7th, 2033 for our 50th wedding anniversary, and it will be celebrated on our deck overlooking the Pacific ocean with a glass of celebratory champagne in our hands toasting, "We made it"!

Today we are going to be sharing our special day with some 'friends' that we have not met yet who are coming from Chicago to buy property here. Her name is also 'Connie' and it's her birthday today, so tonight it will be a night of celebration for all of us.
Looking forward to spaghetti, drinks and lots of laughter.

Life is good, and I am totally in love with Panama and the amazing Panamanian people.
Last night was really an awesome night.
Our new friends Connie and Ken, and their adopted daughter Yana, Iris (one of our residents), and Martin, Don's partner and friend were all at our rental place to celebrate Connie's birthday and our Anniversary.
It's also Martin's birthday today so it was quite a night.
Prezzies, good food, laughter with good friends equals a late night but worth every second of it.
I once again marvel at how great a community ours will be at Costa Pedasi.
Everyone who lives and are going to live here, are the most amazing 'full of life' people.
Good times ahead for sure.
We could NOT have picked a better final resting place than Pedasi, Panama.

Veggie Truck
I have so much fun when the veggie truck comes to town. My Spanish is not at all good, and although I go through all of the things I am buying in my 'Google translate' by the time I get there it sounds nothing like what it is supposed to sound like.
The locals of course know that I am a 'Loco' Gringo and take much needed pity on me. It is so much fun even though I think that those poor locals are perhaps saying some unflattering mumblings behind my back, lol.

Making a fool of myself :)
Buying things in Panama

Buying things here in Panama is not like it is in North America. Don and his friend Pierre went to get the truck serviced and went shopping in Chitre a town an hour away.
They went into this store which is like a Canadian Tire at home and each bought the same vacuum cleaner.
Well here, they have to unpack the whole thing, put on all of the hoses et cetera, plug it in and make sure it works and that all of the parts are indeed in the box.
Then of course they need to re-pack it all.
It's a good thing really as it stops people from bringing things back saying they are defective or whatever, but it's not so good for the people in line, lol.
They had to do the same to Pierre's vacuum as well, so as a result they held up the line for about 15 minutes, and then the girl put both on Pierre's visa.
Lol Good for us but not Pierre:)
All is well!

Cowboys and Blackberry's

A couple of days ago we went to the house after the worker's had all left just to sit and enjoy what will 'hopefully' soon be our home.
I love this place as nomatter where you roam you will always see horses, cows, chickens everywhere.
I love seeing the cowboys ride their horses on the roads, but this night we saw this cowboy ride by our home and in his hand was a blackberry that he was chatting on.
I found that so amazing to see.
People with no other means of transportation but a horse, but still have a blackberry.
Only in Panama :)

This is not the picture I wanted, but he does have a blackberry

Love seeing these cows every time we drive to the Development
Yesterdays Catch

Yesterday Don went to the liquor store just steps away from us, and he wanted me to tell you all that he got a 60oz of Vodka, 24 Cerveza's, a bag of Cheesies, and the bill was under $25.00.
Again, only in Panama!

Table Saw

I do not know anything about table saws or what they are used for, (ok, I know they 'saw' stuff), lol but Don thought this was the most ingenious thing that the Panamanian's had rigged up.
They are a very innovative people.

The Table Saw!
Well folks I had better get some things done around home now.
Don is out showing our friends the development, and when he gets back we are all going on a Panga to whale and dolphin watch, go over to the Isla Iguana and just tour around the Ocean.
It's a beautiful day here today. 28 degrees, mix of sun and cloud. Just gorgeous!
Tonight is Martin's birthday, so we are all going out for dinner to celebrate.
Could I bring the remainder of Connie's Birthday Cake from last night to the restaurant? Would that be tacky? LOL

Have a great weekend to all of you and to all of my friends and family in Canada, I wish you all a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving.
We will be celebrating it here with some wonderful friends Pierre and Beth, who are so kindly having all of the Canadians that we have met here, and who will be living in our development, to their home for Thanksgiving dinner on Monday.

Enjoy, and remember to 'Stay in the Light'

If you enjoy reading about Panama please go to the link below. It's a wonderful site written by Don Winner with many very informative writings on Panama and all in English.

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