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Friday, April 15, 2011

Picture to prove I did some physical labour:)

Finally doing our burn. I have been saying that we are going to be doing this for a week, but we do have good intentions the night before, but when we get sitting outside in the bright warm sunshine it's hard to get motivated to 'bend over' to pick up all of the branches et cetera, so we just continue 'sitting' lol.
Today though it's going to get done. I have had my 2 coffees and am going outside right now.
Will let you know how it goes.

Ok....see there..I do work...and I work hard :)
Finally though we are done...that was a lot of work, but got the yard cleaned and ready dor grass cutting in the next week or so. We have to have the yard looking nice for the new owners. I threw everything into the fire, including stuff that Don will never know about....He doesn't like me to throw out stuff but what he doesn't know surely won't hurt him:)

They are pouring the concrete on the floors of our home in Pedasi (pic to follow). Yesterday we were emailing back and forth about where to put the ceiling fans/plugs/pot lights etc.
You can't imagine how hard that is when we are here and they are there and we are working from plans on a piece of paper.  I hope we got them where we want..it's difficult. I really don't know why they need them so early though..they don't even have walls up yet, but hey....what do I know about construction anyway?

Well I think I will go and make some lunch...something very low in calories though..Last night we cooked some sausages on a bun and I did not look at the fat content. Don just informed me a few minutes ago that there were 19 grams of fat per sausage...and I had one and a half, plus bun, plus WINE!!! I'm in trouble....big trouble, lol.
Maybe I will just have a tomato and a small slice of cucumber..that is all I deserve. Nah.....I'm having a piece of pizza..Life is too short...at least that is my motto for today:)

Have a great Friday friends...Write soon:):)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

What a beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood!!

Now this is turning out to be a gorgeous day! I just got back from my 4km walk with Sadie and it was just beautiful with all the glorious sunshine and birds singing. It makes you feel good to be alive!
Of course the walk took a half hour longer than usual as Sadie has to stop every 5 feet to smell all of the new 'Spring' smells and run in each and every puddle she finds along the way.
It's a good thing she likes to shower. She really does. I take her up to the bathroom, open the shower door and she walks right in and waits for he daily 'cleaning'. She's a cutie.
I also say a couple of Mallards and Geese nesting in the lake along the way. I love Spring.

Our home in Pedasi is coming along great. They have poured all of the footings and the pool. The builder is doing a fantastic job. It's a  bit difficult at times being so far away, but that is one of the reasons that we wanted to rent for a few months in Pedasi while they are building so we can be there to see how things are going and make any changes along the way. I don't know how people had their homes built without having been there to oversee everything.

Well off to pick up branches etc from all of our 2 acres...Don is out right now but we will finally have our fire when he gets home.
We have a huge firepit at the back of our property and it's a hoot having fires and sometimes roasting weinies or mallows:) I will certainly miss this small part of our time spent in this home, but much nicer and warmer things await us in Panama.
Hope you all have a great day and will be back soon. I am attaching a pic of our home in construction.

Bye for now

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What a terrible dark dreary day!!!

Well today we were going to get up and gather all that needs burning and have a huge bonfire! Well the weather has 'put a damper' on that so to speak.
I managed to get out for my walk with Sadie (while Don cleaned the house), and got back just before it started to pour.
I have the best Hubby I tell you. He cleans and never asks me to help. I do do things around the house don't get me wrong.
I do the dusting....(his idea of dusting is not moving ANYTHING, just  dust around everything, God love him :)) and I clean the toilets. Yecchhhh!! I also do ALL of the cooking and cleaning of the dishes so I think he has it pretty good too.
Why don't they make toilets that clean themselves each time you flush?  No, those cleaners you buy do not do that. I have tried.

It does look a bit brighter out of the window but still raining. Yesterday it was so hot. The temperature outside was only about 13 degrees but we have this huge patio off of our kitchen with glass railings so it keeps the wind out so we can sit there when you can't sit anywhere else..Both of us got a sunburn from sitting outside for a couple of hours. It was so nice. We just brought out the Bose stereo, listened to music, talked and had a well deserved glass of wine:)

Well the rain is trying to stop and it's getting a bit brighter so we may be able to go and have a sit outside afterall.
I am cooking chicken a la king which I have never made before so will see how that goes. I love to cook so trying something new is always fun.

Time to run.  Checking temps in Panama.....sigh.....29 degrees and complete sun. Every day that goes by is one day closer to our move:)

Chat soon!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My last April 10th in Canada:)

Well another weekend come and gone. It was a productive one though. Windows washed/screens in and gardens cleaned out from the harsh winter we had.
Today it is very mild but rainging hard. It's acutally humid!

Today we start packing. Well I should say Don is starting to pack. He is the packer. I just stand by and if it's not too early have a glass of wine to help, lol
We are still undecided what to do. We left most of the furniture with the house with the exception of our bed and some personal items, but it will cost about 6K to ship these things and we don't know if it's worth it as we can probably buy everything for the price of shipping but we then think about some things that we would really like to take and we get confused again, lol (not hard for the pair of us)
Last night we were taking nothing and this morning we are taking it all. Seeing as I don't pack I think it's best we take stuff, lol

Time is ticking away and it's weird how feelings come and go with each passing day. Some days it's wonderful and others we become overwhelmed with the things we have to do in order to make this move.
For instance:
We have to drive almost 5 hours to Ottawa to get papers stamped to take our dog with us. This all has to be done 10 days before flying out.
We have to get numerous papers signed by lawyers etc. for her as well. It's very strange why we need all of this. I understand the Vet giving her a physical so that they know she is in good health, but that should be all we have to do.
In Panama you see so many dogs just roaming the streets starving. I am going to try and bring one home once we get settled in.
Sadie would love someone to keep her company.

Well off to do something constructive!
I will keep you posted as to how things are going.
I am attaching a picture that the builder just sent us this morning of our house in progress!!

Go builders Go!!     

See you tomorrow:)

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