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Monday, May 2, 2011

My Gosh!! I am so sick and tired of this nasty/cold/dark/damp weather!! Sigh!!

I know we should not celebrate anyone's death but this case is an exception. There are people out there this morning saying that he really isn't dead as there are no pictures of him. Some saying it's just a ploy by Obama to raise his ratings. What the??? 
One of Osama's sons I just heard, held a woman in front of him as a shield.
I hope that this will be the beginning of more peace in the world and I hope it will ease the pain of all of the people who lost loved ones in 911.

Well back to the weekend!
Saturday was glorious!! An absolute picture perfect day with light winds, brilliant sunshine and 20 degree weather.
My brother was here for the weekend loading up his truck and trailer with things that we needed to get rid of that he could use such as patio furniture/dressers/ tools etc.
Our back yard looks barren with all of our chairs/umbrella's all gone. We do have one patio that is off of our kitchen with a chair and table that is staying with the house so at least we have a nice place to sit until we leave on JUNE 17TH :) (but I am not counting)
Well that was our 'one' day that we sometimes get once a month as yesterday the 'doom and gloom' set back in...Don't forget we had our ONE day of sunshine..that is all we deserve apparently. Today it's raining again, and tomorrow the same, and Wednesday now they are saying a bit of sun...and then rain again. I tell you I'm about ready to hide! Stay in bed all day!
I have never been so depressed as I have been this April that we said goodbye to. I was hoping May would give us more to smile about but the forecast for the first week is looking like more of the same.
Today we will go into the both garages and clean up the remaing things. Put them in boxes and either keep for my brother or take to the dump.
Our home is getting cleared out. I can't believe that it's only 6 weeks before we actually are out of Ontario and into the beautiful town of Pedasi, Panama.

Our only problem is getting Sadie used to her cage with the door closed. She loves her cage when we are here, but as soon as we leave and close the door she barks and claws at the door and makes her paws bleed.
We are trying to calm her with a small dose of a dog anti anxiety drug so will see how that works.
My brother has bought a new Grand Caravan with all bucket seats for our drive to Fort Lauderdale. I am so looking forward to spending time with both of them on the trip and then getting to see Don's family in Florida.
His uncle has a condo right on the beach which he is giving us to stay in for the 3 days that we will be there.
Fun, Fun, Fun!!
Then on June 22nd we will be boarding at 8:20am to fly into Panama City for our first day in our new life in one of the most beautiful places in world.
I feel so fortunate to be able to do what we are doing. I guess all of the hard work over the years has finally paid off for us. It's been a long haul but as the days grow nearer the reality of it all is setting in and the excitement growing. I know I will miss my beautiful house here but I won't miss our horrible weather and the idea of being able to walk out of my home and take a walk the beach on the Pacific Ocean for hours whenever I desire, makes it all the more exciting.
Also to have flowers blooming 24/7 and to never have to bring my patio furniture in ever again for the winter is another blessing! It only gets better:) 
Well I'm off to do some packing as I can't walk Sadie as guess what? IT'S RAINING AGAIN!!!
Maybe I will just have a glass of wine. Is 8:29 am too early:)

Have a great day and I'll see you soon.

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