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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Well I have never ever seen an April like this one. Honeslty!
Last week I sat outside on our deck and actually got a sunburn. Last night there was a weather warning saying WInter storm. We got downpours with hail and today now it's pouring and sooo cold and windy.
Panama can't come soon enough.

We decided to drive down to Fort Lauderdale with my brother and sister in law so that Don can see his grandma and other relatives. We were going to rent a van to do this and just checked this morning to see how much, and find out it will cost close to $2000.00 to do this.
We should have stuck with our original plan of flying to Panama from here. Now to re-book our flight here through Copa Airlines it will cost us another $300.00.
What to do?  I'm stumped, lol
If it were up to me I would stick with the original plan but like most, it's always up to the man to make the decisions regarding this kind of thing.

Well anyway I had better go and buy some new lightbulbs as we don't want any burning out as we need EVERY ONE OF THEM ON TODAY, it's so dark out!

Picture of wamth below:)

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