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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hi Everyone:)
I hope your Easter is wonderful, full of fun, food and laughter with your family and loved ones:)
It's really too bad that the weather will not be cooperating more. At least here. They are calling for rain, rain and more rain the whole weekend. Maybe Easter Monday a bit of sun might peek out.
Oh well...at least there is wine!

Well yesterday we finalized our plans to drive to Fort Lauderdale after we close our home here in June. My wonderful brother and sister in law are going to drive us making it a much shorter flight, (3 hours) to Panama so it will help with our dog not being in the belly of the plane too long.
We have to fly before July 1st as they say the tarmac is too hot to put dogs or any animals in the belly....But you can fly on June 30th.  So what happens in one day? Does it turn from 60 degrees to 100 degrees in one 24 hour period?
I can't wrap my head around this persons thinking at all. 
I'm looking forward to the drive though. It will be fun and also nice to see Grandma and all of our aunts and uncles and Don's mom also.
We will stay there 3 nights and hopefully fly to Panam on June 25th.
Then off to Pedasi.....our new home for hopefully the rest of our lives.
Our home isn't slated to be finished until late November or Decmber so we are renting a home from a friend of ours in Pedasi who does fishing charters.
I love going out on the Ocean and look forward to going with him and helping him with the fish cleaning....It's fun...:)
The last time we went with him we caught 4 Mackerels and a Bluenose Dolphin (seen in my pic), all of which we had for dinner. If you have never had fresh fish right out of the ocean you really must one day. There is nothing like it.
You can go right to the docks in Pedasi where the locals fish and buy your fish daily for approximately $5 and have it for your lunch/dinner..ahhhhh...now this is living!!!
Our friend Kevin from whom we will be renting also has a pet 'sloth' named Suzie.
She is just the cutest thing. I am hoping that Sadie feels the same way, lol.
Suzie moves at a snails pace so it won't be hard for Sadie to sneak up on her.
Should prove intersting to say the least.

They are progressing very well with the construction of our home. It will be nice to get there and oversee things to make sure everything is done to our satisfaction. The builder is amazing and keeping us informed of everything that he is doing as well.

Well have a great long weekend everyone. I hope that everyone has fun and eats lots of turkey. Myself, seeing as there will be only Don and I, plan on having ribs/baked potato/asparagus for our Easter Dinner.
This just reminds me that the stores are closed Friday and Sunday...Better get out to the store and liquor store to stock up.

Have a good one!!
Write later:)


Ian said...

Hope you & Don make your last Canadian Easter one of the very best . Sorry the weather isn't willing to co - operate !
Canada really is not putting up much of a fight to keep you guys !! LOL

Connie said...

Thank you Ian.I hope you and CO have a wonderful holdiday as well.

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