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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Security in Panama and Stuff!

Well I have to say that I have really not seen the extent of the security here in Panama, not that this is a bad thing. There are security guards everywhere from grocery stores, banks, offices, you name it. I guess it's partly because they pay them anywhere from two to three dollars an hour that these businesses can afford to have them, but honestly I think it's just a little overkill.
When you go into any of these places you have to even remove your hat if you happen to have one on, and they have these cubbies outside that you need to put them in and then collect them when you exit.
Not quite sure about the reasoning of the 'taking off of the hat' thing. Anyway we went into Chitre to this new mall that they just built to have a look around and we of course had Sadie with us.
For some reason they do NOT allow dogs into anywhere in Panama. Nowhere!
We knew this but we would have been away for five or six hours and didn't want to leave her at home, so we found a door where there was only ONE security guard and when he turned his head we scurried into the store while Don carried Sadie.
When we got inside we heard the guard whistling at us and mumbling something in Spanish. We knew he was hot on our trail so we just walked really fast ignoring his whistles and got through the store into the common area of the mall. Whew!! We got through that dilemma without incident.
We now had to go up the escalator to the lighting store that we really had come to see to pick out our lights for over the Island in the kitchen.
It's a good thing Sadie is small and we can conceal at least part of her, lol.
We go into the lighting store and to our amazement they thought she was cute and didn't mind her there at all. She just followed us from aisle to aisle and was no problem at all.
We got our lights and exited down the escalator, Sadie in hand, getting stares from everyone in the mall as everyone in Panama knows it's taboo to bring a dog anywhere, and when we finally got outside the Security Guard looked at us and gave us the finger gesture, and said something in Spanish that we didn't understand, luckily!
Geez. It's only a little dog...lol

Well the house is coming along at a great clip.
I just got back and today they are laying the floor in the entry way and in the kitchen and living room area. Tomorrow the paint is coming and they will start the outside.

Kitchen Island

Living Room area and front entrance

It is looking like mid October might be close to the date of occupancy. It's amazing really as it usually takes up to a year to build here, but our builder is going at a great clip and in the end should only be six and a half months. This is extremely good for Panama! Maybe he just wants to get rid of us?
We are really glad we have been here renting though while the construction is going on. There are many things we have changed and a few things that we caught before it was too late that we would not have liked.
We had an outdoor shower built and when we went there two days ago they had it almost finished, but when you are in the 'shower' part, there isn't a wall to hide EVERYONE in the neighbourhood from watching the spectacle of us showering.
Geez! Noone, and I mean nooone wants to see either of us in the buff.
We got him to put a wall up so now we are now hidden, much to the relief of many people, lol.

Don is out fishing today with a good friend we have met since we moved here. Today is a very hot day with little breeze. Of course he doesn't have one of those hats with a thingy on it that covers your neck so I know he will come home burnt to a crisp. No amount of sunscreen will help him today.
I will update when he returns home:) 
He's not burnt!! Out for 7 hours...That man has leather for skin, lol.

Well you can just imagine this happening in North America.
Down at the fishing dock where we walk the beach there is a 'building' being erected by our beach bar that we go to once in the blue moon:)
We have been wondering what it will eventually be and we have noticed that there are always police vehicles outside of it.
We find out yesterday that it is going to be a police station, there on the beach, and since the government wouldn't pay for it the police are building it on their own.
I do not think this could happen in any of our towns at home, lol.
Central America!! You have to love it!

Well the house is really coming along. 
The paint for exterior is being put on as we speak.

I hope this color is ok. Don hates it!!
They have the interior colors we picked too and should be starting the inside next week. 
I picked all of my colors with the help of my friends in New York online, and without sampling them on the walls first.
I know it's only paint, but the ceilings are 12' high, and I can't see Don wanting to re-paint for many moons to come. lol
The flooring is almost all done with the exception of the outdoor area around the pool and patio.
We were out this morning talking to a local guy who we are going to get to make our beds, kitchen island, and dining table.
He is also drafting up a drawing of a large table for outside of our living room around the pool area under our patio where I am sure we will be spending most of our time.
We had a humungous thunder and lightning storm last night which began at 4 am. It was amazing with very loud thunder and lightning that lit up our room.
We have noticed that all of the storms happen in the middle of the night here. It's unfortunate for me as I love to watch these storms, especially when you live on the Ocean. It's a spectacular show!
We got over 3 inches of rain last night.
Today it is now very breezy, little humindity and very nice. No sun so far, but beautiful nonetheless.
Tonight we were invited to dinner at Ovidio and Koby's home, the people who run the Casa De Campo hotel here in town, which is the nicest one here I might add.
I am totally looking forward to this. It will be fun!!
Have a wonderful day, and remember to "Stay in the Light". 

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