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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just skipping along:)

Hi everyone.
Well all is well here. Don is out with a couple of his buddies deep sea fishing, so since I haven't written in a bit, I thought I would write a short blog to keep you up to date with a few little things that had happened with a few pics as well
Friday and Saturday we had a really nice couple, Karissa and Trav rent a room here from where we are staying. They were from California and had been here for a month and were just working their way back home so stopped in here to stay for two days before heading to Panama City for their flight on Monday.
They were the nicest young couple and we spent the two days with them chatting, laughing (a lot) and of course indulging in some of our $2.50 wine.

Karissa and Trav and their Beer:) 
 They were telling us about a place near Playa Venao where they stayed and when they left on Sunday we decided to take a drive.
We had been to Venao Beach many times but hadn't gone past it. The drive was nice and when we got about an hour past we came to this most amazing place. It is called Sambutal (pronounced "Samboota) and had the most amazing beach and hotels/restaurants.

The incredible Beach

Hotel Pool and Sadie of course

Hubby at Hotel Lobby having a Cerveza
 We stayed at the beach for a half hour or so and had been driving for a couple of hours so decided to work our way home. Don had driven down so I kindly said the I would take the wheel for the remainder of the trip.
I was driving in my usual wonderful manner, when I took a left turn. Don immediately says, "Why would you turn left there when we are supposed to go straight?".
I did not know we were supposed to go straight so not wanting to appear kinda stupid, lol, I just said, "No sweetie pie, you wonderful man you, we needed to turn here, so is it ok if we continue on this nice road my love?", (Ok, maybe I didn't say it in those exact words, but you catch my drift, right? LOL)
I forgot to mention that on our trip down the roads were awful and full of potholes and the road that I took was just freshly paved. Ahhh. What a relief.
Anyway Don reluctantly went along with me with my new found 'chartered course' and we found it to be a very nice drive.
We started ascending and ascending and realized that we were now going up the mountain behind Las Tablas that we had wanted to see since we had been here.
The scenery was getting beautiful and as we got higher up the temperature was falling too. By the time we got to the top of the mountain it had dropped 6 degrees.
Wow!! What a view!!

Sadie and I at the Edge...Incredible

 This scenery was something that I had never seen before anywhere. If you are on my Facebook you can see more pic's that we took while climbing the mountain.
Panama is such an incredible place with so many beautiful places to explore. And we have only started.
Sometimes I have to pinch myself to be sure this is not a dream!
Anyway we kept driving and finally got near home and got this torrential downpour. It had been just gorgeous all day but of course when I take the wheel I have to drive through the hardest rain one has ever seen.
All is well though and all three of us got home in one piece.

I hear that there is 'Dangerous Heat is invading Ontario and Quebec' and I just want to say that I hope all of my friends and family are ok and stay cool.
I have been following the weather back home of course and its been cooler here than there in the past week or so.
The weather here has been beautiful and even though it is the rainy season we really haven't had too much and when it does rain it usually rains and thunders at night. I must admit that I just LOVE so see a good storm though and can't wait until we get into our  home on the Ocean to see them there.

Keeping it real!
 I like to put these kinds of pic's in once in a while to 'keep it real' and to make me realize how incredibly lucky I am to be able to not only write these blogs on a computer that most here don't even own, but also to be able to live here and see with my own eyes the absolute beauty that this place affords us!
I totally am in love with Panama and the beautiful natives that live here.
Life is good!

Well I  need to go now and hopefully the U-Haul rental place will have a big enough truck for me to rent to pick up Don's 'catch' of the day, lol

Have a great day my friends, and remember to 'Stay in the Light'

I just found out when going to the beer store which is within walking distance, that if you buy 'warm' beer then it's CHEAPER than cold beer.  What the?
Now the $.35 beer is only $.32. I hope I live to be 150 years old, lol

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