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Friday, June 10, 2011

6 More Days and we will be headed to Florida:)

Our favourite restaurant in Pedasi. The one where we signed the papers to buy our lot in September, 2008 and also the one that Brad and Angelina have visited on a few occasions. 

Well I can't believe that the time is almost here. When we sold our home back on December 8th I thought that 6 months was sooo long and would take forever to get here. People would tell me that it would go by fast but I didn't believe it would until just today! The time is now here and I'm stress beyond belief. 
I am also very, very excited. To be living our dream seems so surreal. Last night I was telling Don that I can't believe we are really going to do this...really going to be leaving the country I have spent my whole 38 years (lol) in...and moving to paradise.
We already have our 50th anniversary planned. It will be on Friday, October 7th, 2033, and we will celebrate either on our porch overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean with a drink in our hands, or on the beach saying our 'I love you's'
I know I have said before that I have the most wonderful husband walking the earth, but I truly mean it. He loves me unconditionally and he is so industrious and has worked so hard in the past three years (and all of his working years) making our dream become a reality.
I love you Don!
Oh and he does all of the packing too....:)
Ok, enough of the mushiness, let's talk about some things only men can do.

The other day Don lost his debit card so no biggie....He asked to borrow mine. No biggie either, except that he LOST MINE TOO!!
So he goes to the bank to get us new ones and he finds out that he has also LOST HIS DRIVER'S LICENSE.
This is just great!
A week before we leave and now we have to go and get a temporary one and of course it takes 4 to 6 weeks for a new one to come and we don't really have an address yet to send it to Panama when it comes, but we did work that out with our friend who lives there now. They will be sent to him.
So now he has to drive around with a 'paper' license and when the girl that gave this to him he says and I quote, "Don't I have to have also have my drivers license with me when carrying this paper one"?  What the? If he had his driver's license we would not be here!!

The fantastic group of people at Don's office gave him a surprise going away party yesterday. Everyone showed up and it was so nice that they all were genuinely happy for both of us.
I think our hotel will be full with just our friends and acquaintances that I hope come and visit. It's going to be awesome!
The owner of Re/Max, Roger Anderson, gave us a gift card for $100 for a restaurant down the road that just opened. We have been wanting to go there for a couple of months, so tonight we are finally getting to go. Wine, best of food, laughter..just as long as it doesn't go over $100, lol. 
Thank you to everyone. So nice that we have such good friends who really care.

Don's out doing last minute things so I had better go and do SOMETHING before he gets back. I am really not a slug, but when you have a hubby that does all of that ugly packing stuff what is a girl to do but sit back and watch, right? That is my story and I am sticking to it:)

It's a beautiful day here in the neighbourhood. Oh yes, I forgot on my walk again today the Mom and Pop geese and their 6 babies were prancing across the road again. I have never seen anything so cute....That makes me smile!!
I also saw a snapping turtle crossing the road, albeit very slowly....:)
I had to keep Sadie away as she is very inquisitive and wouldn't need it snapping at her and taking a piece out of her nose.

Have a great day my friends, and remember to 'Stay in the Light'

Monday, June 6, 2011

On my walk this morning, and Stuff!!

Are these not the cutest things? 

Well we are getting down to the last few days here in Ontario.
We have 15 days until we move out of here and make our trek to my Brothers near Hamilton and then on the next day we are on our way to Fort Lauderdale to visit with Don's Mom, Grandma and some Aunts and Uncles. I am looking forward to seeing all of them.
Don just filled up our rental car (I sold my mini on Saturday) and took a whole pile of paint cans and other things to the dump but it was closed on Monday's. What the???? Now we have to drive around all day with a car filled with crap, lol.
Our house is a total mess!! Stuff everywhere, suitcases here, suitcases there......I hate living like this but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
We are having a 'special pickup' from the garbage on Thursday to pick up large items that we have accumulated over the years and once that is done both the garages will be cleaned up.
Now it's just packing clothes and a few personal things that we are putting in boxes.

I am scared/nervous/excited and worried..all at the same time. It's scary to move so far away from my 'home' but the excitement is taking the forefront. I spoke to Kevin, the guy we are renting from and his home is going to be just perfect for us.
He has a huge covered porch where we can sit and do emailing etc when it rains as now it is the rainy season.
It's cool at night now apparently and great for sleeping.
The whales will be starting to migrate too just as we arrive so we will once again get to see them jumping from our property. It's awesome!!
Our friend Kevin also does fishing tours, and has said that I can come with  him at times when he goes out. I will be looking forward to that for sure. Fishing on the Ocean, seeing the porpoises swim by the boat, watch whales jump, and catch the nights dinner.......does it get any better than that?
I think not!

The weather here lately has been just perfect with warm days, light breezes, and no humidity. Yesterday we kind of took it easy and sat around our pool for the day. We actually went for a swim even though we do not have a heater and the pool was only 75 degrees. It sure was refreshing, lol.

Today it's packing a few more things, cleaning out my closets and then enjoying the rest of this beautiful day.
Better go as I can hear Don outside packing stuff and the last time he came in he kind of 'glared' at me....lol I think he wants me to help...
The nerve of him!!

Oh yes, and I am very 'STRESSED' too...thank God for wine!! :) 

Have a wonderful day, and 'Stay in the Light'

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