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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weather/Packing, Etc.

What our Windows have looked like almost every day in April!

I must start out by saying that I don't think in any of my 38 years (ok....42 years) lol, have I ever experienced an April like the one we are currently encountering! The above picture pretty much sums it up. Rain, rain, fog, dismal and COLD...Who teleported me to England anyway?
Yesterday started out just like it always does so hubby decides he wants to pack. Ugggghhhhhh!! I was NOT supposed to pack....it was supposed to be the one job that I was immuned from but I guess Don is starting to think that it really shouldn't be all up to him to do. Ok then. I will help a BIT..but just a bit!
So we have this sofa table in our entry way with a few of my precious family pictures and he wants to pack them. What? We are not moving until June 17th and you need to take my family pic's and stick them in a dark, gloomy place for no reason?
Well he won! My nice table is now barren from any life form. All I see now is a couple of speakers and dust!! Damn!!

Then Don says we need to tackle our closets. Oh boy. Now that was some fun.
I started in my main bedroom closet as was shocked to find that someone must have entered our home while we were away. There were a lot of pants and skirts in there in a size 8! I even found a pair of pants in a size 6!
What the??? Who wears those size clothes?
Do those people even exist?
Are they some kind of foreign beings..some kind of aliens?
I am not sure, but I got rid of them quickly. I ended up having two large bags of these strange articles of clothing. 
This whole thing reminds me of the joke where a person gets a call from a charity, asking them to donate all of their used clothes to the starving Africans. They told them that if they could fit into THEIR clothes they surely were not starving:)
Anyway we got through all 4 closets and my goodness we ended up having 6 bags of clothes that we haven't even looked at in years. Why do we keep stuff like this anyway? Do we really think that by some magic way we are even get close to the size we were years ago?
We took them all down to the used clothes drop off bin, and as most of my clothes were in really good shape so I do hope that some young girl in her teens will be able to get some use out of them:)
We packed a few more things and then something miraculous happened! This strange bright glow from the sky came down and lit up the outside. It was from heaven!
It got so beautiful out. We quickly cleaned up from packing, set up our patio chairs and plunked ourselves down to take in some well needed rays and indulge in a well deserved coctail or two.
Around 6:30 when the sun was starting to fade we went in and bbq'd some delicious home made burgers. Yummy!!
Watched the Habs get beat (YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH) and then stumbled off to bed.

Had my walk this morning with Sadie. It's not sunny but not too bad and at least not raining, but still wearing the mitts and scarf. One day I will be burning them and that day better come sooner than later.
They (whoever THEY really are) are calling for some sun this afternoon but after that wonderful surprise yesterday I am not putting much faith in their predicition for today. Really..Could they be right two days in a row? I think not.
I told my friend Jan who I see on my walk a lot that I would mention her in my blog....Hi Jan....I'm working on our 'patent' :):)

Well I hear Don out in the garage banging around. He wants to clean that out today. Really does that man never stop? Sometimes he annoys me beyond belief, lol
He just came in, looked at me and gave me the 'stare'. I guess I had better to and at least pretend to help. I may have a episode of 'bad back syndrome' coming on any minute:)

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday friends.
I am cooking a prime rib roast, baked taters, asparagus, Yorkshire pudding for dinner. Pic attached:)

Oh yes, and tons of horseradish! Can't have prime rib without it.

"Stay in the Light" as a very wise and good friend of mine always says.

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