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Friday, April 29, 2011

4 AM is way too early!

Wow...4 am up and having coffee and wearing joggers and sweatshirt but I did put a hat on :),  watching the parade of Royals and Royal watchers. It's now 10 am and it feels like it should be 10 at night.
That was some spectacle for sure. It reminds me of just how much money that is associated with that family. The money in just the cars alone would be enough for me to buy an island of my own in some tropical place with maids and all of the 20 year old pool boys I could ever want.
She did look beautiful and they make for the cutest of couples, but in my opinion the dress was nice, but wasn't really 'regal'.
Perhaps because of her upbringing that was the look she was going for, but nonetheless they  both looked so happy and 'cute'.
Did you hear what Willy said to Harry while he was standing at the alter?
He said 'I thought we were having a small family wedding', lol
I am also wondering how all of those hats stayed on their heads. Especiall Victoria Beckham, and what the heck was up with the hat on the one of Sarah Ferguson's daughters head?
It looked like some kind of television, cell phone ,or WiFi antennae, lol

Anyway after 5 hours of Royal watching I am kind of royaled out, so off to other ventures.

Finally we are getting some sunshine. I just got back from my walk and actually had to take my sunglasses out of storage. It's getting really nice out and I can see or at least anticipate sitting out on the deck this afternoon to take in some sun and get a bit of Vitamin D that we lack during the winter.
I do need to get some work done around here though and do some grocery shopping as I have my brother and Sister in Law coming tomorrow for a visit to help declutter our home of some of our furnishings.
As I said we left most of our furniture with our home but they will take most of our patio furniture, bed, a couple of dressers etc.
Once they leave we will then know what we are left with and it will make things/packing a lot easier.
It saddens me that we can't take a lot of things that I really wanted to take but it was going to cost $8K to ship those things and we do figure that we can replace everything for less than that.
I am taking a couple of boxes with pictures etc, things that are important, and Don is taking his screwdriver!! LOL

The sales of the lots in Costa Pedasi are going great. Most of the waterfronts are sold now. I sure wish we could have afforded to buy one, but with being a partner in the hotel we just couldn't afford to.
The hotel area is being cleared (video attached, and will need audio) and things are looking up there too. It's going to such a nice Boutique hotel. Just 6 rooms with indoor outdoor restaurant, gym, spa, and a 90 foot infinity pool directly on the Pacific Ocean.
I will be running it, and as I have never attempted this kind of work experience before, I think I had better take an online crash course in Hotel Management or you all will get free rooms, meals and drinks, lol
Gotta run and do some grocery shopping for my guests tomorrow.
Looking forward to 17 degrees and complete sun tomorrow as Ribs on the BBQ are on the menu. The weather 'experts' better not be wrong.

Have a great weekend all and TGIF.

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