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Friday, April 15, 2011

Picture to prove I did some physical labour:)

Finally doing our burn. I have been saying that we are going to be doing this for a week, but we do have good intentions the night before, but when we get sitting outside in the bright warm sunshine it's hard to get motivated to 'bend over' to pick up all of the branches et cetera, so we just continue 'sitting' lol.
Today though it's going to get done. I have had my 2 coffees and am going outside right now.
Will let you know how it goes.

Ok....see there..I do work...and I work hard :)
Finally though we are done...that was a lot of work, but got the yard cleaned and ready dor grass cutting in the next week or so. We have to have the yard looking nice for the new owners. I threw everything into the fire, including stuff that Don will never know about....He doesn't like me to throw out stuff but what he doesn't know surely won't hurt him:)

They are pouring the concrete on the floors of our home in Pedasi (pic to follow). Yesterday we were emailing back and forth about where to put the ceiling fans/plugs/pot lights etc.
You can't imagine how hard that is when we are here and they are there and we are working from plans on a piece of paper.  I hope we got them where we want..it's difficult. I really don't know why they need them so early though..they don't even have walls up yet, but hey....what do I know about construction anyway?

Well I think I will go and make some lunch...something very low in calories though..Last night we cooked some sausages on a bun and I did not look at the fat content. Don just informed me a few minutes ago that there were 19 grams of fat per sausage...and I had one and a half, plus bun, plus WINE!!! I'm in trouble....big trouble, lol.
Maybe I will just have a tomato and a small slice of cucumber..that is all I deserve. Nah.....I'm having a piece of pizza..Life is too short...at least that is my motto for today:)

Have a great Friday friends...Write soon:):)


Ian said...

Either nicely posed pikkies or your camera has an excellent exposure speed ! Lol
Regards planning fixtures & fittings via e-mail & charts I sincerely hope both parties had said charts the same way up !! lol

SuperiorHires said...

Enjoying the updates, good stuff. Hope we get to fish with U2 in Pedasi...nice catch. Go get em' Team Donnie!

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