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Thursday, April 14, 2011

What a beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood!!

Now this is turning out to be a gorgeous day! I just got back from my 4km walk with Sadie and it was just beautiful with all the glorious sunshine and birds singing. It makes you feel good to be alive!
Of course the walk took a half hour longer than usual as Sadie has to stop every 5 feet to smell all of the new 'Spring' smells and run in each and every puddle she finds along the way.
It's a good thing she likes to shower. She really does. I take her up to the bathroom, open the shower door and she walks right in and waits for he daily 'cleaning'. She's a cutie.
I also say a couple of Mallards and Geese nesting in the lake along the way. I love Spring.

Our home in Pedasi is coming along great. They have poured all of the footings and the pool. The builder is doing a fantastic job. It's a  bit difficult at times being so far away, but that is one of the reasons that we wanted to rent for a few months in Pedasi while they are building so we can be there to see how things are going and make any changes along the way. I don't know how people had their homes built without having been there to oversee everything.

Well off to pick up branches etc from all of our 2 acres...Don is out right now but we will finally have our fire when he gets home.
We have a huge firepit at the back of our property and it's a hoot having fires and sometimes roasting weinies or mallows:) I will certainly miss this small part of our time spent in this home, but much nicer and warmer things await us in Panama.
Hope you all have a great day and will be back soon. I am attaching a pic of our home in construction.

Bye for now

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Ian said...

I take it that white stuff is not snow !! LOL

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