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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What a terrible dark dreary day!!!

Well today we were going to get up and gather all that needs burning and have a huge bonfire! Well the weather has 'put a damper' on that so to speak.
I managed to get out for my walk with Sadie (while Don cleaned the house), and got back just before it started to pour.
I have the best Hubby I tell you. He cleans and never asks me to help. I do do things around the house don't get me wrong.
I do the dusting....(his idea of dusting is not moving ANYTHING, just  dust around everything, God love him :)) and I clean the toilets. Yecchhhh!! I also do ALL of the cooking and cleaning of the dishes so I think he has it pretty good too.
Why don't they make toilets that clean themselves each time you flush?  No, those cleaners you buy do not do that. I have tried.

It does look a bit brighter out of the window but still raining. Yesterday it was so hot. The temperature outside was only about 13 degrees but we have this huge patio off of our kitchen with glass railings so it keeps the wind out so we can sit there when you can't sit anywhere else..Both of us got a sunburn from sitting outside for a couple of hours. It was so nice. We just brought out the Bose stereo, listened to music, talked and had a well deserved glass of wine:)

Well the rain is trying to stop and it's getting a bit brighter so we may be able to go and have a sit outside afterall.
I am cooking chicken a la king which I have never made before so will see how that goes. I love to cook so trying something new is always fun.

Time to run.  Checking temps in Panama.....sigh.....29 degrees and complete sun. Every day that goes by is one day closer to our move:)

Chat soon!!


Toddy said...

Enjoyed reading and it definitely sounded VERY familiar! I think we all must endure the same ups and downs and decision-making with second-guessing included!!

Keep it up if you can...being yourself is the best way.


Kathleen said...

hey connie i am following you. i look forward to your blogs. you are so much fun i find myself laughing out loud ++. hey you commented on your new bose we are thinking of buying one. do you recommend it and if so why. oh ya which one did you buy? thanks in advance kathleen gasc

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