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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spring wildlife saving a gosling and stuff:)

Well we are finally getting our Spring that we have all been so waiting for. I went for my regular walk this morning up by the lake by our home and saw two geese with their two young ones following behind. There is nothing as cute as this. There are also two eggs still remaining in her nest (pic's following) so I expect to see four goslings tomorrow. Unfortunately it makes me so sad to see that there is one gosling caught in the vegetation below the nest and it looks like she won't make it. I am surprised that her Mom or Dad doesn't go to his/her rescue. I wish I could get close enough to the little one to free it but am not able to. I hope that something happens to loosen her. It is so sad to see this, and then I look at the little ones following their Mom and it makes me smile and marvel at nature. I love my walks in the Spring. Yesterday I saw a turtle crossing the road but I didn't have my camera with me. There are also hundreds of fish spawning in the lake as well. Spring is here for sure!!!
Goose nest with 2 eggs still remaining

Following Mommie and Daddy

Well I had my Mother's Day and it was a very nice and eventful day. My daughter and her boyfriend came and we bbq'd and had a great time eating and laughing. We loaded up a truck that a friend of ours so kindly lent to us and got rid of a bed, some dressers and a lot of other things that our daughter took to her place.
I got closets almost cleaned up now too. Tomorrow we are taking a drive to my Sister and her husband's house and taking some more stuff.
By the end of the weekend we will have almost all packed and taken where it's going to be taken and then it's just packing up the things we want to come with us.
It's very hard when we are only taking suitcases and perhaps one box to decide what really is important and what is not.
What is important is my one huge bathroom cabinet full of my moisturizers, lol. Don always says that I could open my own pharmacy with all of my skin care products...It's not really helping my "skin tone" nor the promise to make me look like Anjelina Jolie, but I will continue trying:)


Don and I just went over to the lake and with our pool skimmer rescued the gosling from the water. I wish I had of thought of this earlier in the day. It doesn't look too healthy, but we put it on the river's edge so her mom and dad could come and hopefully take care of him/her.
Trying to fish it out

Had to go into the water but got the beautiful gosling

I pray it will be ok!

Well this has been quite a day so far.  I will go back to the lake this afternoon and hopefully see that our efforts were not in vain!  
Well off to shower now. The surrounding land around the lake where we were standing was covered in red ants which bit us a few times. Don's legs were covered with them, and I didn't tell him at first as I didn't want him to abort his rescue efforts:) He just yelled down at me after getting out of the shower and said that he can see why they call them 'fire ants' as his feet and legs feel like they are on fire.
Then as we left and drove away Don looks up in the rear view mirror and sees his blackberry case fly off of the top of the car. I look ahead and see the camera on the road..Oh this is just great. He backs up to get the blackberry case, and runs over the camera battery that had bounced out when it hit the ground.
At least the camera is ok and I got the pic's but this impromtu trip cost us a battery, but was worth it if the gosling lives
All in a days work!
We have had such wonderful weather in the past 3 days...just beautiful with sun, breeze, and really mild weather. We need to enjoy though as the forecast calls for rain for the next 6 or 7 days. Yecccchhhh!
Good time to finish our packing.
Enjoy your day folks, and I will update tomorrow re: my gorgeous gosling:)

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Beej said...

awwww mom... the poor gosling... I cant wait to hear what happened to the poor thing.. I hope he didnt get eaten alive by the red ants... pops can handle them.. lol .. and whos the clutz in the family.. ???? bb case flying off.. running over battery .. geeez ... but thanks for saving the gosling.. soooo cute <3

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