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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Gosling/Rain/Clearing Home

Well my beautiful gosling didn't make it. After all of our efforts the poor thing succombed to it's injuries. I think that it ended up drowning in the water as it was stuck in the weeds below it's nest but Don thinks that it was a sick gosling from the getgo. I want to believe Don's theory but I still can't help feeling bad that I didn't try earlier to rescue him. Anyway the other two eggs are now hatched so I look forward to seeing the babies tomorrow. I am unable to go for my daily walk today as its pouring out and will continue to do so for another 5 days so the lovely weather people are telling us.
Yesterday it went up to 28 degrees here with humidity. It was lovely!
Now because of this weather I am forced to do some more packing! Don is really busy with real estate here and he usually does it all so unfortunately I have to do it. Boy oh boy, what has this world come to:)
Our trip to my sisters yesterday was eventful and we got rid of a lot of other things from my cupboards.
We actually only have my storage room and my pantry to pack up now, with the exception of the kitchen cupboards and fridge which we can't pack until the final days.
Speaking of final days we have only THIRTY THREE days remaining until we say goodbye to my beautiful home here and take our trip down I95 to Florida.
I am so looking forward to the drive although Don says he wants to bring his cell phone and still take calls. I can guarantee we will not be answering any cell phones or doing any emails for at least the week we are holidaying. I want at least a week of email free, and cell phone free time. Sometimes I want to take them both and heave them off of a cliff somewhere, lol.
Well better go and do something productive. It's so dark and gloomy here though, it just makes you want to go back to bed.
I must say though that all of the rain we have had in April and May have made everything so green. All of the leaves are out in the trees and flowers up and blooming. Our pear tree which is in it's fifth year finally has blossoms on it, so the new owners will have some fresh pears to eat at the end of August.
I will take a picture when they get in full bloom.

Have a great weekend and as my good friend always says, "Stay in the Light"



beejer said...

stay in the light ... love you mom

Ian said...

So sorry about the wee gosling CD .. We have Canada Geese who reguarly visit the local lake to feed but strangely I believe their main home to be a man made lake with a small island in a public park 8 miles away ! They make quite a racket with their coming & goings !!
33 Days eh ... where has the time gone since you first broke the news of your plans to me ... Hope each of them go smoothly & you find a cure for Dons need for comfort from a cell phone LOL xx

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