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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain.......and more Rain!!!

Well it's Sunday and we are having more rain. I don't remember a Spring ever like this before. I think between April and May we have seen perhaps 3 days of sun, and if anyone says to me again that I am lucky I am alive I am going to scream!
I realize that I am above ground, but sticking my head in the gas oven, or turning my car on in the garage, putting my iphone on and just going to sleep seems like a good alternative.
I now sympatize with the people who live in England (Ian :)), and what it must feel like for them to be in constant dreariness.
The only Sun that I can muster up! Just looking at it makes me feel a bit better though
But onwards and upwards as the old saying goes.  

Well I am finally going to sell my Mini Cooper. I have had it since 2002 and it is my favourite of all cars. It's my baby! I will surely miss driving it. I would even have shipped it to Panama but you can't get parts for it there so it must go.
I have a nice young girl who I have known for a long time (actually sister of my dog groomer) who came yesterday and is coming back today with her Dad. I think she will take it.
It's a 5 speed and she doesn't drive standard but she is going to learn. God bless her!!
Don did something to his back 2 days ago and can hardly walk. I think the whole thing is a scam to get me to do all of the cleaning, packing etc. 
I just know it!
He says I do not have any sympathy for him....That's ridiculous! I mean I only let him pour two of my three drinks last night! Does that sound like a woman who doesn't care? I think not!! :) Come on now! And I even made him 2 coffee's this morning and I only asked him to clean the hardwood floors and stairs too. Why do men have to moan all of the time when they have something little wrong with them? We could have a broken arm and still get everything done around the house that needs to be done. Moan, Moan, Moan. Geez...it's only a sore back. Can you imagine if men ever had to give birth? The child would graduate college before they would get over the pain.

I have a guy pulling in the drive now to see my mini. He is driving an hour each way to see it so I had better go and put my 'sales hat' on.
Be back in a bit.

Well this guy named Igor who came to look at my Mini is such a nice young fella. Fella? I haven't used that term in years...I am getting old...
Don and he have gone for a test drive.
Ok Igor says he is going to buy it. He has driven away to go to the bank to give us a deposit..hmmmm..will he return?
Stay tuned....
Well he came back with the deposit and my car is sold. Yeah and I got $1300 more than I would have sold it for yesterday.
All is good.

Don is just speaking to my brother in Brantford and he says he has ALL BLUE SKIES!! Let the winds blow now in an easterly direction:)
Going to go now and hit the liquor store for a nice bottle of vino. I have to celebrate the sale of my car. I'm kind of running out of things to celebrate. I need to think of more as the liquor store has many bottles left:)

Have a great day and 'Stay in the Light'


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