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Monday, August 15, 2011

You really have to marvel!!!

Living in Panama sure is an eye opener in some ways.
For example, on Saturday there was a tractor trailer delivering 1000 cases of beer to the local beer/liquor store, which I must add is two houses down from where we are living, and seeing as the roads here are mostly gravel (side streets) and quite narrow, the truck had to do some maneuvering to back into the front of the store where he was making his delivery.    He had the traffic blocked for 10 minutes or so and when we went out to have a look, there was a guy who was obviously working for the town and who was directing the driver, helping him maneuver, all while drinking a BEER!!
Can you just imagine? There are just no rules, lol. Today I am hunting that guy down and finding out if there are any openings at his place of employment:)
There are local cantina's everywhere here, and sometimes when you drive by on your way to the beach in the mornings, you can find the locals sitting in them drinking beer, and I mean at 8:30 am.
This can't be good for the liver.

Our house is coming along great. They have almost finished the roof, and then the windows will be installed.
They have begun putting the reclaimed tiles on the roof too, and once that is done, it will really start looking like a house.
They have given us an October 12th date for possession, but for some reason I don't believe them.
We are in Panama I need to keep telling myself, and things just don't happen overnight and we need to learn to just go with the flow.

Our home with the underlying room installed. Now just the tiles and we are good to go!

If you have read my previous blog, you will remember that we went to Panama City to pick out our tiles/kitchen/bathroom etc.
When I think of this and while I am wondering if I got the right colour for the kitchen cabinets and whether or not the floor tiles will match the walls, and if my wall oven or dishwasher, or stove top will look just perfect, I think of these people in the pictures below who live on the beach in this lean-to and would kill just for a set of pots and pans to cook on, if they were lucky enough to have caught a fish that morning to have for dinner. If not, I guess they go hungry.

Their home. Notice the toilet just sitting there in the front

A table made out of a piece of wood probably brought up from the beach

I am not sure what this is for.

This is their sitting area!

This is their view from their humble abode..It's breathtaking
There are six people living in this place. Three adults and three children. They are such nice people too. When we walk by they always give us the biggest waves.
I think my floor tiles will be just fine!
On a lighter note, I just want to say that this town is getting too congested with all of the traffic that is accumulating on the streets. Just this morning on our way to the beach, we had to stop for 3 or 4 minutes to wait for this long traffic jam.
See below:)
Our Traffic Jam this morning:)

I think I will have to move back to Toronto and start using the 401 again. It's a lot less stressful, lol.

Well we are on our way to Chitre now as we need to find a paint store as they need the colours for our home inside and outside.
I am remembering the family on the beach.

Have a nice day friends, and remember to 'Stay in the Light'

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Ian said...

Someone else take this one .... I nodded off halfway through paragraph 2 ! LOL

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