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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Easing into the life of Relaxation:)

Well I haven't written in a bit but thought I would write a short one today.
The last time I blogged we had just bought our X Trail and had the accident and I have to report that our truck is still in tact and we are enjoying having a great new vehicle although Don did lean on the front fender talking on his cell phone the other day and almost fell right through it.
He then learnt after talking to others that both front fenders on the cars here, (most cars) are made of flexible plastic like the bumpers are in Canada. Not sure why but they are!
You remember me telling you about how inexpensive the beer and wine is here. Well I have to share with you what my friend Ian in England said to me after getting the truck. Quote "But will your blood alcolol level ever be low enough for you to drive it?" LOL
He breaks me up!!

Speaking of a little drinky poo now and then, we found a really nice little beach bar within 5 minutes of where we are staying and the other day we met our new friends Christine and Wayne there and enjoyed 12 beers and the total bill was $7.80. Yup, no typo here..... $7.80!!!

View from the Beach Bar

At this bar you can bring your own beer/wine and whatever you want to eat or drink. They don't care at all, so the other night we and our new friends Christine and Wayne went to the bar and Christine and I brought our own wine with us (they only sell beer), and we sat for a couple of hours chatting and laughing overlooking the Pacific Ocean while the guys drank their $.60 cervezas. Life is good in Panama, lol And as you can see Sadie is also welcome:)

Hubby and Sadie at our Beach Bar

The other day we went exploring the nice quaint town of Pedasi where we live. It is a small town with a population of about 3500 people with many nice restaurants/hotels and gift shops etc. We were driving down the streets just trying to get our bearings when we spotted this gravel road kind of going a bit out of town. Seeing as we now have a 4 X 4 and of course Don needs to try it out we venture down this road. I wasn't happy as the gravel was loose and hitting the undercarriage of our truck, but Don says not to worry..things are ok.
We travel down this old gravel road for about 15 minutes and then look ahead and see this brand new building on the left and a brand spanking newly paved highway ahead, so we thought.
We got onto this beautiful highway and drove for for a few seconds and I said, "Wow this is a big beautiful new highway...I wonder where it goes?"
Then we noticed that the middle lines were about three car lengths long and also very wide. We then both looked at each other and said...."This is a  RUNWAY!!" We both looked up in the sky to make sure we were not going to be "landed on" and Don thought, what the hell, we have never driven a runway before so let's go, lol
What a hoot that was, and the one end of the runway there were a few cows grazing. I don't know what happens when planes begin to land.

The next day we went touring the Azueros Peninsula where the rich and famous live, or at least have homes there. Apparently rumour has it that Brad Pitt/Mick Jagger/Mel Gibson all have homes there as well. Pictured below is Michael Jordan's house.

Michael Jordan's House

The not so rich and Famous house
The Panamanian people are such nice friendly people who would give you the shirt off of their back if they even had a shirt.

Yesterday we went into Chitre to buy a charcoal bbq as Don has been dying for a filet mignon as we have heard from so many people are very cheap to buy here.
I need to learn Spanish!!
I go into the back of the store where they have all of the meat and I ask the butcher for some filet. He had no clue what I was talking about but eventually got a piece of beef from him that didn't look like filet but did look ok.
I also brought two nice chicken breasts for myself as I really don't like steak.
We cooked the chicken and whatever the 'red meat' was and was so tough the Don could not eat it so he ended up eating one of the chicken breasts instead. I REALLY need to learn Spanish.
Today we are having beef stew, lol.

Well the rain/lightning/thunder has stopped and there is now a nice breeze blowing so we are sitting under Kevin's porch enjoying the gardens as seen above.

Thanks for reading and remember to 'Stay in the Light'

1 comment:

Ian said...

Hmm ! This is what constitutes a short one is it ? lol
So the CD & Don show continues apace eh ! I wont even contemplate you topping the runway debacle ... I guess your vehicle sneaked under air traffic controls radar lol
Boy ! I have to get that series in the pipeline !!
I'd sign off with a take care guys but someone seems to have your butts covered !!


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