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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yesterday..A day from Hell, LOL

Well yesterday was just the most stressful and horrendous day. If you are following my blogs then you know that in order to take any animals to Panama you need to get papers signed in Ottawa. It's the closest to us which is still a 5 hour drive one way.
I have been asking Don for months if he had all of the paperwork ready and if he knew exactly where he had to go to get the papers signed and with the typical male attitude, lol, he gives me the look and says of course I do.
Well after we went to bed on Monday night my mind was racing and I had the feeling that something was wrong, so at around midnight I got up and turned on the computer and when I checked the Panamanian Embassy page I discovered that yes, he had missed a step.
I woke him up and he still said NO, that he knew what he was doing.
Then about 15 minutes later he got up and realized 'could he actually have made a mistake?' No.....not him!
Poor Don. The step he missed was that he had to get the papers signed first at the Canadian Food and Drug Inspection Agency that if we had of known was right here in our town.
We then had to scramble to see if there was one close in Ottawa to the other two places that he had to go anyway.
We found one that was fairly close and after a couple of hours of hysteria, and at 2:30, Don was headed out as the one place opened up at 8 am and he wanted to be the first one there.
He arrived at 6:30 am and sat there waiting and reading up on his new camera that we had just bought and to discover that there was no line up at all.
He goes in only to be faced with the fact that the vet had given us the wrong forms and they said 'We cannot sign this' and after Don almost had a heart attach, they said they had a vet across the city that he could go to for the Vet to sign the proper documents, only to discover then that the Vet said, "Where is Sadie"? and he would not sign it either as he had not seen Sadie.
Don called  me at this point and was beside himself, he had no blood left in his face and he was close to being sick to his stomach. What do we do now?
So then through rush hour traffic he goes back to the first office that sent him on this goose chase and he had to convince them (by the paleness of his face) to break their own laws and forge the proper documents for him. It wasn't an easy task to do, but with the look on his face and the close to 'begging' that he did he got that part signed.
Now he was off to the Embassy to meet with the Panamanian Embassador whom he had become friends with through online conversations and on the phone, only to discover AGAIN that he didn't make the second stop, the Dept of Foreign Affairs as the Canadian Food and Drug said he didn't have to. 
Don now didn't have a clue where he was going as Ottawa is a big place and his vision was getting impaired due to lack of blood circulation and virtually no sleep.
The Embassador graciously left his post after he took a look at Don's face and drove him to Canadian Dept of Foreign Affairs, (as well as picking up his son from school, and his wife to take her to a function and to also stop by his house, lol) where he had to get the first 'forged' papers signed again.
They discovered then that the paperwork was not up to their liking, so after a while of a few people speaking Spanish the Embassador got the papers signed for Don!!
Remember this is all for Sadie, to allow her to come with us to Panama, but it ended good with the papers signed and Don got to have a nice with the Embassador who will be visiting us in Pedasi as he knows it well, and goes there on a regular basis.
Don and Carlo, his new friend in the Panamanian Consulate, in his house yesterday!
He was on the road for 18 hours and was certainly glad to get home yesterday and have a cold beer! Ok, he had 8, lol

Ok, I am now off to do the rest of the packing. Yesterday though all of my tears and stress I did get a lot done. Today it's just getting suitcases packed and the last odds and ends.
My brother and his wife will be here tomorrow morning to pick us up and then it's off to our new adventure.
I will be of course touching base along the way with pic's and news.

It's on the way!! :)

Thank you all for reading my blog and remember to 'stay in the light'


Anonymous said...

It's about your paperwork!

George Gadsby


Ian said...

OK Guys !!! I want first refusal on the movie rights to this ! YES CD I will do my level best to get Brad to play Don & you get to run him through how the love scenes are portrayed ... Oh shite there aren't any cos Dons heart won't take them & you are ready to kill him !!
Re-writes needed !!


Beejer said...

lol...poor pops but hes the man lol....super poppers ---- love u and miss u so much already xxxxxxx

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