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Monday, February 4, 2013

Never a dull moment:)

Well we have now been here in this wonderful place that we now call 'home' for over a year and a half now.
Where does the time go?
When we first decided to come here to live I really thought that the time would slow down for us. I was promised!!
But alas, it still continues to proceed at warped speed but we are here in one of the most beautiful places in the world and we have not looked back once!
Ok, maybe once when Don ran out of beer when it was one of the holidays here and you couldn't buy alcohol, ( I believe there are only two and Don knows them now like the back of his hand), but that was the only time.
We sit outside here at nights and we still feel like we are on holidays and that we will soon have to pack up and go home.
It's just so awesome that we managed to fulfill our dream. Please do this if you are thinking about it. Remember that life is so short and we are here for such a short time that we have to make the most of each and every single day. Sorry for the sermon:)

Ok, now I need to speak about some things that are not quite so awesome :) Still good, but a little out of the ordinary for you folks living in North America.

Invasion of the unknown

The other night when we were sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather that this dry season brings, and after having our daily cocktail. Ok, ok, you dragged it out of me. It was our second!
Boy you try and slip one little white lie in here and you get attacked from all angles :) 
Anyway I digress.
Out of my peripheral I see something run past the side of our home and right by the open door of our living room.
I ran to close the door so it wouldn't get it but he outwitted me.
It was big and furry and had a huge long tail and probably weighed about five pounds.
I was freaking out!!!!
Anyway Don grabs the pool cleaner and runs behind him into our office where 'it' hides under our desk.
Obviously I closed the door to the office and I stood outside while Don was trapped in there with this 'beast' while I was outside yelling at him to catch it.
Well it wasn't coming out from behind the desk. No way!
Then Don has the presence of mind to go and get our Panamanian security guard to try  and fetch him out of our home.
I guess that the Panamanians are used to doing this kind of thing as he came, brought some rope, made a lasso and the creature who has now grown to be over five hundred pounds if he was an ounce, was captured and taken outside (unscathed) and was set off to scare the hell out of some other 'loco gringo'.

Our critter and YES he looks Male :)

The Dentist

As you know going to the dentist in NA is somewhat of a 'non issue'. It's a little different here.
In our  beautiful quaint little town of Pedasi there are a couple of dentist's on the main street are government run and also another in our walk-in clinic.
These are not like the dentist's at home with beautiful offices with the latest of equipment, computers, televisions on the ceiling to watch while the dentist drills away and keeps yapping at us and asking questions while our mouths are full of his thousands of dollars worth of 'pain inflicting' tools.
Here the offices are very modest but clean which would be perfectly fine with me.
Don however had to go to get a couple of teeth filled and had to find one with not only with high definition televisions, but also the ones with state of the art equipment.
Not here in Panama! Well at least not in Las Tablas or Pedasi.
He went to a dentist about half hour away and she showed up an hour late. (not unusual for Panamanians).
He waited for her and she wanted him to come back as her drill wasn't working, lol.
So the following week he went back an hour late as he forgot his appointment and she had left, and she would never talk to Don again.
He then set out and decided to go to a Specialist that someone had recommended.
He got to the office in Chitre, and sat in a real nice, clean dentist office with no one else around until this man came through the door with a fishing tackle box in hand. He said to himself, 'please don't let this be my dentist'.
But it was!
He sat there patiently while he opened his tackle box and took out his instruments. Don was unsure of whether to get up and run or ask him out on our boat :)
As it turned out it was one of the best dental experiences he has ever had. No pain or anything like that and the cost was only $45 for a broken tooth and X-rays.
He wanted me to come back to do his cavities, but his quest for the perfect dentist had not yet come to an end.
After speaking to numerous people and asking about the dentist they use he finally found the one he was looking for, or should I say 'dreaming of'. 
I'm sure she was the 'mattress salesperson's' twin sister. You who follow my blogs will know who I am referring to.
She was this tall, thin, gorgeous young girl with the pouty lips, the perfect hair, the skin tight jeans and the all so popular 14 inch stiletto's.
How do these girls do this anyway?
How do they perform their normal daily activities like walking, sitting, speaking, turning, or riding the 'tilt a whirl' wearing clothes like this?  It's very perplexing to me.
I'm really surprised that when he came home he even shared this information with me. All through the procedure he had only two things to look at!
Now without ever hinting that he may have to go back for another checkup, he says that his gums are hurting a tad, cold water hurts his teeth, blah, blah, blah.
I got to say that his teeth could  fall out one at a time, he could be bleeding profusely from the gums but the chance of him going back to that dentist in tights is very slim.
The nice ones in town, the older gentlemen with perhaps a total of seven teeth between the four of them will do just fine!!
To be very honest though, the dental service here in Panama is excellent. You are treated really well and the cost is minimal, compared to North America.
Thank you for reading my blog and please remember to  "Stay in the Light", quoted by a good friend, Cathleen Hart:)
P.S. All of the wieners and sausages are all wrapped individually in their packages here :) Just for your information in case you were wondering:)

The full moon a few nights ago with a cruise ship passing by. Priceless!!

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Bobbi Jo said...

Mom that was too funny .. The *Beast* almost made me pee lmao

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